Mission Statement

KIACA (KABYE IMPACT AFRICAN CONTEMPORARY ART) is committed to establish a solid platform for the discovery and appreciation for contemporary African art, and to bridge the gap between African, African-American, and African Diaspora cultures.

Kabye ( kah-bee-yeah ) is the name of the West African, Togolese ethnic group known for yielding crops in difficult, mountainous terrains, who built a wall to support a level planting field.

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Vision Statement

We envision KIACA as the premier leader in exposing Contemporary African art and artists by promoting, organizing, planning, and curating exhibitions and other events. In doing so, KIACA has the mandate to increase public appreciation of contemporary African art by nurturing awareness of the creativity of African artists through exhibitions, interactive tours and innovative educational programs. KIACA seeks to shape opinion of African art in order to impart an accurate historical record of African contributions to art, history and culture.

We are continuing to make up-to-the-minute additions and changes which include the speed and ease of navigating this site. We hope you will continue to visit KIACA.org while these changes are taking place.